The International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

This planet belongs to us all - let us all take good care of this precious earth!
The earth is home to us human beings and all kinds of plants and animals.Today, the natural environment of this earth is facing several serious problems. What should we do to protect the wealth of nature on the earth? Make a picture of your message for protecting the global environment and tell it to the world!
"Protect greenery!" Destruction of forests is a major problem in many countries and regions around the world. Each year, a lot of forests disappear due to logging, land development, slash-and-burn agriculture, and other factors. Besides providing habitats for all kinds of creatures, forests produce the oxygen necessary for all life. The loss of a lot of precious plants also makes floods more liable to occur and could lead to the extinction of plants and animal species that have lost places to live. To prevent the destruction of forests, we must stop reckless development, take a systematic approach to logging, and replant forests. And to keep the earth rich in greenery long into the future, we and all other people around the globe must join hands in tackling these tasks.