JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

About Our Contest

We hold this contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth.


 Application for this year's contest is now closed. Thank you for your participation! We will announce the winners during August on our website. Stay tuned!

 About Exhibitions

The 18th Award Winning Works

The Environmental Best Prize

Jou Davina Taiwan, Age 10

International Section

The International Best Prize

Gabriela Nicolle Sánchez Rodriguez El Salvador, Age 7

The UNICEF Prize

Agatha Amelia Indonesia, Age 12

The IQNet Special Prize

David Danielian Ukraine, Age 10

The IQNet Special Prize

Savić Irina Ivan Montenegro, Age 11

The JQA Special Prize

Afnan Khan Jawata Brunei, Age 11

The JQA Special Prize

Lutfullayeva Margiyona Aliddin qizi Uzbekistan, Age 13

The Judges Special Prize

Ciorcilă Alexandră Romania, Age 14

International First Prize
Zainab MohamedBahrain9
Jarin TasnimBangladesh14
Kinley LangchukBhutan11
Doshi Heer KalpakbhaiIndia11
Durwanka Manish SurtiIndia13
Wahyuningsih AlifiaIndonesia15
Nasrin MahboobIran12
Tomiris ZhaksylykovaKazakhstan15
Lee SeoinKorea15
Low Chin ChenMalaysia13
Sar Saung SeeMyanmar14
Kim YuriSingapore14
Bandaranayake Dilupa RaviharaSri Lanka8
Perera Balasuriyage Dilshan TharushaSri Lanka13
Ryan WangTaiwan12
Rakprom WannaratThailand13
Pannapach KeereedejThailand14
Chau Ta MinhViet Nam7
Oliver DannySolomon Islands14
Ngobey Hagai HaroldTanzania14
Svetlana GalstyanArmenia9
Panahova Guldana AliAzerbaijan8
Ağakişiyev Tural RasimAzerbaijan13
Valeria TeishalevaBelarus12
Kisseah Kesandra A. RosalBosnia and Herzegovina
Zarempa CamilleFrance14
Katona BoglarkaHungary14
Rudzitis MatissLatvia11
Vaidelyte SauleLithuania9
Saule JonusaiteLithuania10
Inês Tomé MiquelinoPortugal13
Carlos Junior Gonçalves PereiraPortugal14
Şoş AnamariaRomania12
George Puican V.Romania12
Novikova GalinaRussia7
Bachmann ZoraSwitzerland11
Nahurna AlinaUkraine15
Janay HuangCanada10
Choi CarissaCanada11
Chacón Méndez ElisaGuatemala11
Shin JieunU.S.A.11
Lyou SheriseU.S.A.13
Eguchi Tomas TetsuoBrazil14
Gooswit Camryn F.S.Suriname14

Japan Section


Ueno Nagomi Kanagawa, Age 13


Matsuo Midori Fukuoka, Age 13


Matsumoto Mizuki Tokushima, Age 13


Tanahashi Shiho Tokyo, Age 11


Ito Reo Osaka, Age 11

Dote YoshinoriShizuoka6
Kono KakoAkita8
Shibata RioAichi8
Hayakawa MikuHyogo8
Nishimura SakiTokyo9
Nagai AiriIbaraki10
Sato YuriTokyo12
Hirose YukinaHokkaido12
Yamano MahiroOsaka12
Kamikawa MayuKanagawa13
Doi MomokaShimane13
Kitamura RenaKanagawa13
Hashimoto RyoFukuoka13
Masuda AkariChiba13
Seino DaichiKanagawa14
Nakamura AoiNagasaki14
Matsunaga KazumaruFukuoka14
Saikawa ShioriFukuoka14
Takahashi RinkaKagawa14
Wakabayashi MikuTokyo14


Kinutani Koji

Compared to previous times, the works from African nations seemed to have become more colorful this year. There were works also drawn with colored pencils, crayons, and paint.

What is wonderful about children is that they seem to physically or intuitively understand the philosophy that people and nature are one. When an adult draws a landscape or portrait, each are drawn separately, but within this year's theme "We are sharing our beautiful Earth", many of the pieces asserted that people and nature are inseparable and nature will eventually be reflected back into the human body.

Take Mt. Fuji, a recurring motif for me, as an example. A river flowing from Mt. Fuji containing iron sand eventually flows into the sea. The iron sand is eaten by plankton, the plankton is eaten by shrimps and small fish, which are then eaten by big fish. The big fish are finally eaten by us, bringing in the iron sand into our bodies.

In order for either people or animals to be beautiful, nature must be beautiful. I learned that children intuitively capture this resonance of the two in their drawings.

There is water and there is the ocean. There are various animals and there is I. The children physically and intuitively know that reciprocal concepts including ourselves are not separate things, but they are all parts of one entity, and that nature is a treasure, but we people are also treasures.

When we become adults, we come to think of things separately. People are people, animals, nature, men and women, etc. They are all part of one, but by thinking of them separately, perhaps layers are gradually created.

Today, the day of the screening board, was a very hot day, but there were many passionate works that overcame the hot temperature. I hope to continue painting, so as not to be left behind by the children.

Kinutani Koji
Chairman of the Judging Committee,
Painter / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts


June 22nd 2017, the final judge of the 18th International Environment Children's Drawing Contest at JQA.
The entry of 17,763 gathered from 96 countries and regions is full of all masterpieces. After the discussion of judges, prize winners were selected.