The International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

Creating a wonderful planet where people and all other living creatures live together in harmony.
Countless living creatures live on this planet with mankind. Some 4 billion years since its birth, the Earth has evolved into what it is today. However, it has been polluted rapidly through human activities and is no longer a very suitable place for life to grow and evolve. The Earth was not created for mankind alone. What can we do to make this planet a better place for all creatures to live in harmony? Let us look into what is happening in this planet through the problems in the environment.
"Endangered animals" Wildlife habitats are being endangered by deforestation and environmental pollution. Animals that are being chased out are losing their homes and food supplies and are destined to extinction. Endangered creatures include tigers, rhinoceroses, elephants, gorillas, polar bears, pandas and tortoises. There are also plants and insects that live close to us that are also on the brink of extinction. It is very important now to preserve the naturalenvironment where wildlife can live in peace and to take action to increase the population of these dwindling creatures.