Linking Policy

If users, whether a business concern, an individual, or a third party including an organization (hereafter called gthe Link Userh), wish to create a link to this website (hereafter called gthe Linkh), they are permitted to do so by the Office only after accepting the following terms of use (1 through 4).
1.You shall accept the above disclaimer.
2.The Office shall not be responsible or liable for any losses or damages caused by use of any information available on the Link Userfs sites.
3.The Office shall prohibit the Link User from linking to this website under the Officefs own decision when the Office judges that the Link injures the honor or credit of the Office, threatens to give any loss or damage to the Office, and threatens to act against public order and morals. If the Office judges that the Link resulted in any of the actions mentioned above even after the Link is complete, the Link User shall terminate the Link in accordance with the notification made by the Office.
4.The Link User shall refrain from framing any content published on this website. The framing allows an end user to view this website within a frame in the external linked sites. This confuses the end user as to the origin of the framed content. The Link User shall provide a linking allowing the end user to move onto the top page of this website.
If the Link User wishes to create a link to this website, please contact us by using our feedback form located at lower part of this page after giving consent to the above terms. Your e-mail must include the following information.
E Your name
E Your e-mail address
E Your company or organization name
E Your website address
E Your zip code
E Your address
E Your phone number
E Your fax number
E The contents of your website including the purpose for creating the link
Your personal data is protected in accordance with our privacy policy, and it will be used only when we need to inform you of link information.