The International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

This planet belongs to us all - let us all take good care of this precious earth!
The earth is home to us human beings and all kinds of plants and animals.Today, the natural environment of this earth is facing several serious problems. What should we do to protect the wealth of nature on the earth? Make a picture of your message for protecting the global environment and tell it to the world!
"Stop global warming!" Recent years have seen a gradual rise in average global temperatures. This rise is referred to as "global warming." One of the major causes of global warming is the increase in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases due to human industrial activities. As global warming worsens, it is apt to cause abnormal weather. The rise in ocean temperatures is anticipated to trigger changes in sea currents, with unavoidable adverse effects on nature and all living creatures. Even small acts by each and every person can help to prevent global warming. Energy can be saved by turning off lights wen not in use, using public transportation systems instead of private cars, and lowering settings on heaters. There are many things we can do to save earth and all the lives on it.