The International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

This planet belongs to us all - let us all take good care of this precious earth!
The earth is home to us human beings and all kinds of plants and animals.Today, the natural environment of this earth is facing several serious problems. What should we do to protect the wealth of nature on the earth? Make a picture of your message for protecting the global environment and tell it to the world!
"Conserve water!" There is plenty of water on the earth, but only a small portion of it can be used for drinking by people and animals. Moreover, water sources such as rivers are being contaminated by wastewater from development and othe human activity. Worldwide, a lot of people do not have water for daily use or catch serious diseases due to impure drinking water. A great deal of plant and animal life is also being badly hurt by the destruction of the water environment. Clean and safe water is a very precious resource. Stop and ask yourself whether or not you waste water or do things that pollute rivers, lakes, or the sea. We must not forget to conserve and treasure water in our daily activities.