The International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

This planet belongs to us all - let us all take good care of this precious earth!
The earth is home to us human beings and all kinds of plants and animals.Today, the natural environment of this earth is facing several serious problems. What should we do to protect the wealth of nature on the earth? Make a picture of your message for protecting the global environment and tell it to the world!
"Change waste into resources!" A lot of waste derives from our daily life activities. The ash resulting from incineration of combustible refuse and the pulverized incombustible waste are buried in final disposal sites. However, many of these sites will reportedly be filled up after a few years. Another big problem is the hazardous substances contained in some waste, which are contaminating the natural environment. To resolve the waste problem, people are recycling waste by turning it back into useful resources. All kings of waste, from books, magazines, and cans to glass bottles and plastic bottles, can be transformed into resources. It is important for all of us to try not to generate waste and to turn the waste back into resources.