The International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest

Creating a wonderful planet where people and all other living creatures live together in harmony.
Countless living creatures live on this planet with mankind. Some 4 billion years since its birth, the Earth has evolved into what it is today. However, it has been polluted rapidly through human activities and is no longer a very suitable place for life to grow and evolve. The Earth was not created for mankind alone. What can we do to make this planet a better place for all creatures to live in harmony? Let us look into what is happening in this planet through the problems in the environment.
"Water - the source of life" Water is an essential element in maintaining life. However, with explosive growth of population and industrial development around the world, there is serious water shortage and water pollution. In particular, water shortage has resulted in grave shortages in food and safe water supply. Inadequate water management facilities, such as sewage systems, have caused water contamination and affected not only people but also fish and other agnatic living creatures in nearby rivers. Eventually, entire ecosystems in river basins are affectd.