June 20 2016, the final judge of the 17th International Environment Children's Drawing Contest at JQA.
The entry of 17,197 gathered from 94 countries is full of all masterpieces. After the discussion of judges, a prize winners were selected.

Kinutani Koji Chairman of judging Committee, Painter / Emeritus Professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Kimura Yasumasa Director, UNICEF Tokyo Office
Endoh Yasuhiro Architect, Chief Manager of NPO, Partnering to Nurture Community Engawa
Tatsumi Kikuko Environment Committee,
Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists
Pedro Alves Managing Director, The International Certification Network
Kobayashi Noriaki   President, Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Yano Tadayuki Senior Executive Board Director,
Japan Quality Assurance Organization